Google AdWords Served on Orkut Terror & Jihad Groups

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Over the course of the Search Engine Strategies Chicago conference last week Search Engine Journal covered the Google AdSense Clickfraud Botnet story broken by’s Jim Hedger which claims that click fraud is rampant, action is not being done to stop it, Google is not blocking IP addresses from the restricted blacklist of spammers, AdSense and some of the people commiting click fraud are associated with the funding of Iraqi insurgents and Hezbollah.

As an added bonus, working off the terror spin, I reported that Google advertisements are also being served in Orkut groups which are pro-Al Qaida, Jihad and Hezbollah wherein group members are using the Orkut network to recruit for the Jihad and boost public opinion for these groups.

In the piece I used a quick screen capture from an Orkut Al Qaida group which uses Osama Bin Ladin as its group’s logo and serves anti-US, pro Al Qaida and pro Jihad messages and uses aggressive tactics to spread those messages within Orkut groups.

There was a reaction among some bloggers that my claims were false as the example I used of Google AdWords ads being served in Orkut terror groups was false and the ads were actually Google public service announcements, that Google does not collect fees from such ‘advertisers’, and paid ads are not served within these groups.

While the example screenshot I used in the original post did include Google PSA ads, after refreshing some of these group pages there are many ads being served by paying Google AdWords advertisers such as eBay, AbeBooks, Harvard,, Stanford and

I have no proof that these advertisers are paying Google for the clicks from these ads, but I cannot imagine the negative brand reputation which could result in the ‘Sponsorship” of Orkut groups such as Al Qaida, Hizbollah and JihadNet.

I also do feel that it is my responsibility to add that I am not posting these screen captures to negatively blast Google, which is not my intent. My relationship with Google over the years has been very open and responsive, furthermore I am a happy Google & Gmail user and Orkut member.

Orkut does seem to be doing some work to monitor & police its inner groups, but the policing of user generated content is not enough.


I am quite surprised that two days after the initial story was published, and ruffled some feathers, that these AdWords advertisements are still being served within Google’s Orkut.

Instead of attacking Google in any manner, I would rather like to pose the question; “Should Google AdWords advertisers be sponsoring Hate, Jihad and Terrorist sympathizer groups within the Orkut network, which is in affiliation with Google?

(I have linked to these Orkut groups, but you must be a registered Google member to view them in action. Warning, for some this content in these groups could be shocking.)

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Al Qaida : This community is for those people who are in favour of Al-Qaida and it’s mission i.e. “Crush all those powers which are against Muslims and Islam”
Islam teaches us that all muslims are brothers so we must feel for our brothers who are in great trouble like in Iraq, Kashmir, Pallestine and Afghanistan.

So for what we are waiting for we must stop those powers by FORCE from doing so. If we kept close our eyes more likely tomorrow will be our turn. So wake up Muslims it’s time to Jehad.

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Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah : Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah is the leader of Hezbollah (Islamic resistance movement) in Lebanon.

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Hizbollah Orkut Groups

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Jihad-A muslim’s Obligation

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Hamas : “Palestine movement is there motive…Palestine is their dream…We are their hope……Long Live Hamas”

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • diddy1

    It’s a shame that google went after you instead of the groups. Somebody should be calling bush right about now. Not to mention the mothers and fathers of sons who have been killed by these groups.

    Thank You

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Thank you for your concern but no one from Google has ‘come after me’, on the contrary, from what I hear, there is interest & concern in the company of cleaning up these groups.

    Hopefully some sort of public demand will speed up this action, and help to clean up the form of advertisements served in the Orkut community and the theme of the groups which these advertisements are served upon.

  • Darnell Clayton

    Loren, you are many months late on this.

    This news was broken by USA Today many moons ago, and even before that earlier this year I discovered these groups.

    I have seen similar groups reported (to Google) and stay up, but it seemed the only reason was that they provide an excellent source of intelligence for the CIA and FBI (as they do watch blogs, social networks for these kind of things).

    And this paragraph of yours…

    I have no proof that these advertisers are paying Google for the clicks from these ads, but I cannot imagine the negative brand reputation which could result in the ‘Sponsorship” of Orkut groups such as Al Qaida, Hizbollah and JihadNet.
    …I don’t get. What proof do I have that the advertisers are paying you for clicks/to be seen, etc.? Unless I could look into your bank account to verify this, I would never be certain of the fact. That is unless I read the “Advertise on this site” link under you Google Ads and connected the dots.

    If you had only looked at the “Advertise with us” link at the bottom of your Orkut screen, you might have connected the dots on this one.

    Sad to see such a great blogger simply miss the ball on this one.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    I know that these are the ads for paid advertisers, but I do not know if Google is charging those advertisers for the clicks coming from these questionable sites.

    Of course I noticed the Google information for Advertising on the AdWords contextual ads on the bottom of the Orkut pages, but I am not going to claim that these advertisers are paying for clicks and then Google release a statement that they are not charging advertisers for clicks from these groups.

    So Darnell, I did not miss the ball on this, I’m just trying to walk the line that if Google does not charge for these clicks due to the content of the Orkut groups, there is still a negative branding associated with the display of these ads.

    And thank you for introducing me to your blog, as I have been interested in Orkut and somewhat obsessed with its appeal to Brazil for years 🙂

  • Free Popup Creator

    Why did the first commentator say that Google went after you? Your Google ads are showing…did they shut them down temporarily?

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    No, not sure why he posted that comment, no one went after anyone.

    Hopefully, someone goes after the AdWords ads on these groups and replaces them with PSA’s or something other than eBay and AbeBooks sponsorships.