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Google AdWords Sees Green With Updated Ad Tag Colors

If you have been seeing more green lately with respect to Google AdWords, and we don’t just mean monetarily, it’s not just you. Google has changed the colors of its ad tags to the color green. This replaces the color yellow of the previous “Ad” tags.

Google is no stranger to testing various colors of items to see what resonates most with users. Today’s update is another example of that, with potentially more color changes on the way.

The new color of the “Ad” tag is in line with the color of the links which they are placed next to. By all accounts it does not stand out as much as the previous yellow tag.

This appears to be a limited test, with not everyone being able to replicate it at this point. For that matter it may remain a limited test if data proves green does not convert as well as yellow.

Although, ads with the new green tag may be more likely to get clicked on since the tag blends in so well with the rest of the snippet. They may not be recognized as ads, and therefore get more clicks. Time and data will no doubt dictate how long this change lasts.

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Google AdWords Sees Green With Updated Ad Tag Colors

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