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Google AdWords Releases New Tool for Creating Reports

Google has released a new AdWords tool which will make it easier for advertisers to create reports in spreadsheets.

The new tool is currently in beta and integrates directly with Google Sheets as a free add-on.

It allows advertisers to create reports based on AdWords data, from one or more accounts, with just a matter of clicks.

Advertisers can customize reports by choosing which columns they want to include, which lets them display only the data they care about most.

AdWords filters can be used to narrow the scope of reporting data. After more than one report has been made, the tool can display an overview of all reports that have been created.

You can see some examples of the user interface in the provided screenshots below:


Since the tool is connected to AdWords, existing reports can be refreshed to display the most recent data.

So if an advertiser creates monthly reports using the same data segments each month, they can simply duplicate last month’s report and refresh it with this month’s data.

Reports can be shared with others using Google Sheets’ existing sharing and privacy features.

Use this link to install the add-on or to learn more about it. Note that the link can only be opened using the Chrome browser on a desktop computer.

For what it’s worth, the tool currently has a three-star rating with only 500+ users. However, since it’s a beta that was only released within the past week, it’s bound to see improvements over time.

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Google AdWords Releases New Tool for Creating Reports

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