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Google AdWords Plans to Give Advertisers a Jumpstart

Google AdWords has introduced an ad placement and search term consulting service dubbed Jumpstart. According to the Rugles Search Blog, the service is for anyone that wishes to create an Adwords campaign without even searching for the text and keywords since the ‘Google experts’ will: create the adverts for you, find the right keywords for you, set cost-per-click amounts.

The cost of the service comes up to $299. This is an extension of Google into the world of marketing in a way that was done previously only by Yahoo!. It does seem though that the service is a bit overpriced for what it is.

A Google Adwords campaign needs a lot more than simply placing the initial bids as this type of marketing is subject to the environment situations and learning from the feedback that the Pay-per-click results are producing.

Seems like Google is getting more into the online marketing rep route for its AdWords clients. First they offer free conversion tracking, now initial AdWords consulting. While large advertisers may not accept such a “Google knowing everything about my business” service plan, small businesses without the time for setting up and maintaining AdWords advertising may think differently, especially if they are banking all of their marketing budget on Google.

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Google AdWords Plans to Give Advertisers a Jumpstart

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