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Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets

Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets

Your paid search listings are about to get a slightly new look and feel with the addition of dynamic structured snippets, the Google AdWords team announced.

Building off the Structured Snippets featured introduced last September to organic search, Google is bringing a similar functionality to search ads where an additional line of text will be added to highlight specifics about your products and services.

“Whether it’s a list of shoe brands or the number of nonstop flights to New York City, this automated extension gives your customers a better sense of what to expect on your website before they click on your ad.”

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Dynamic structured snippets are currently configured to show for retail, hotel, and flight searches. Additional verticals will be added later this year, Google says. Here’s an example of what one looks like:


If this looks like something you’d rather not have on your ads, you will have the option to opt out by filling out this form, but keep in mind they will be a factor in Ad Rank going forward. Google also reminds that automated extensions tend to improve the average performance of an ad.

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If you’re on board with dynamic structured snippets, you won’t have to do anything. AdWords will display the snippet automatically using information contained on your site — so in a sense you will have some control over what gets shown. All the more reason to keep the content on your site accurate and up to date.

Dynamic structured snippets are available for ads targeting English globally, and will appear on ads displayed on desktop computers and tablets.

For full information about dynamic structured snippets, see Google’s Help Center article.

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