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Google AdWords Introduces Callout Extensions, Highlight Key Information About Products & Services

Google recently introduced a new AdWords feature that gives advertisers the ability to add text that highlights key pieces of information about products and services.

Whether it’s free shipping on all laptops or a price match guarantee on smartphones, the more information people have, the better purchase decisions they can make online. That’s why we’re introducing callout extensions: additional text that shows with your Google search ads, highlighting specific information about your products and services.

Callout extensions will start rolling out immediately, and Google expects to see full availability to all advertisers in the next few weeks.

The goal of Callouts is to show valuable information to potential customers before they click your ad. Callouts will also be a factor in Ad Rank. Google suggests using them to draw attention to important product details, or highlight what makes your business different from your competitors.

Callouts can also be used in conjunction with other ad formats. Google explains how you can do this:

For example, if you’re already using sitelinks for “Women’s Clothing” and “Back to School,” create a callout for “20% off entire site” to encourage people to click through and make a purchase. Or if you’re using call extensions, highlight “24/7 customer support” so your customers know they can call your business for help. However you plan to use callouts, make sure to keep them focused and relevant.

You can manage, schedule, and report on your callouts from the Ad extensions tab. Callouts are limited to 25 characters each and up to four can show with your ad. They can also co-trigger with all other ad formats in the auction.

To learn more about creating and managing callouts, check out the AdWords Help Center article.


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Google AdWords Introduces Callout Extensions, Highlight Key Information About Products & Services

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