Google AdWords Introduces Call-Only Campaigns

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When it comes to search marketing, some businesses want to drive sign ups, others want to drive purchases, and for others, driving phone calls is the most crucial to success

If your business is focused on the latter, there is now an AdWords campaign type just for you. Google has introduced call-only campaigns, a way for businesses to prominently display their phone number, business description and call button right when people are searching.

Around 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results, Google says, which means there’s a lot of potential to reach new customers with these campaigns.

Call-only campaigns are optimized for mobile devices that can make phone calls, which sounds like they won’t be displayed on things like tablets and so on. That means you’ll only pay for clicks that have the potential to end up in a phone call.

With call-only campaigns you’ll have the ability to bid based on the value of a call. Since every click goes towards a phone call, you can design a bidding strategy based specifically on your CPA or ROAS goal for calls.

In addition, Google reminds that since the ads are specifically designed to encourage phone calls, the copy can be written with that in mind. Now your ad copy can have calls to action like “speak with an expert today!”, or “call now for a free estimate!”

Best of all, the ads could not be more simple to set up. During the ad creation process there will be an option to choose the ‘call only’ ad type.

From there you just fill in the rest of the fields like you would for any other ad, and when you’re done you’ll have an ad that’s going to send you phone calls rather than traffic.

If you’re currently using the older method of manipulating the call extensions setting to create call-only ads, you can upgrade to call-only campaigns by following the details in this AdWords Help Center article.

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

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  • Danny

    This is pretty awesome if I am honest, click to call could be huge for some business’s and will improve mobile search.

  • Brad

    This does sound awesome, especially for a business like mine where the optimal action is to get consumers to call our call center.

    My question, though, relates to conversion tracking. Since essentially 100% of the clicks are considered a conversion, how will Google Adwords show conversions? I would think that conversion rate would always be 100% for these campaigns with a 1:1 correlation between reported clicks and conversions.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    • Yousuf

      Hi Brad,

      You can setup 30 or 60 seconds calls as conversion-to-conversions setting option.

      By this method you will be able to count only those call as a conversion which would be more than 60 seconds long.

      Hope the answer will help you.


      • Danny

        As I said above, its a good idea but then again is it just another Adwords where the organic results will get pushed further down the organic listings? So instead of 2 Ads above your listing, on mobile you get ads + Call to action ads pushing you further. What you think both? or a replacement?

  • Sunil

    Hi Matt thanks for the sharing but I have one question, Is Call Campaign available in All countries?


  • Ashutosh

    Great post bro. this is a great option for travel companies. customers like to call and have words with RM first before booking trip or flight.

  • Sahil Goel

    Could be good for small businesses.
    But as rightly asked in one of the comment, I wonder how would they merge analytics into it.

  • Kollin

    I have been told the keywords for Call Only Campaign are an average of 30% higher then normal search adwords. Since almost every click will be charged, it’s something to consider.