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Google Adwords Introduces Anticipated ‘Buy’ Button

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Google’s much anticipated ‘Buy’ button is finally here, at least in a some capacity. The new “Purchases on Google” feature was announced today, along with a number of other notable enhancements.

Mobile shopping ads from select retailers will now contain a ‘Buy on Google’ option. Clicking on that option will take you to a retailer-branded product page hosted by Google, from there you can complete the transaction and save your purchasing information in your Google account if you wish.

Purchases on Google is said to still be in the early experimental stage, with only a limited number of retailers being part of the experiment.

Those who opt-in to sell their products via Purchases on Google will only have to pay for clicks on the shopping ads to the product page — everything else is free.

Even though Google hosts the product page and offers security throughout the transaction, retailers will still be responsible for customer communication. Retailers will also have the option to invite customers to opt-in to their mailing list while completing a purchase on Google.

Other Google AdWords Improvements

In addition to the Buy on Google button, a few other AdWords enhancements were introduced today:

  • Swipe to Reveal: Swiping on a Google ad carousel will now reveal more information about the products, such as price and availability.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Newly-designed shopping ads with product ratings and reviews will be shown if certain trigger words are contained in the query, such as “best”, “reviews”, “recommendations”, and so on.
  • Priority for Local Inventory Ads: LIA’s will now be shown first, when available, for local intent shopping queries.
  • App Deep-Linking: Ads from select retailers will now include links to view a product on their shopping app.

All of the above features apply to mobile ads only.

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Google Adwords Introduces Anticipated ‘Buy’ Button

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