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Google AdWords India Adds Regional Targeting

Google AdWords India Adds Regional Targeting

India is a rather large country with an even larger group of diverse regions, cultures, and people. It’s also a hotspot for web usage, testing, and technological geniuses so when Google looks to expand their AdWords Regional Targeting what better place to do so than India?

Anyway, those who are running Google AdWords campaigns which do target India can now break that targeting down to regions including Andaman and Nicobar Islands AN, Andhra Pradesh AP, Arunachal Pradesh AR, Assam AS, Bihar BR, Chandigarh CH, Chhattisgarh CT, Dadar and Nagar Haveli DN, Daman and Diu DD, Delhi DL, Goa GA, Gujarat GJ, Haryana HR, Himachal Pradesh HP, Jammu and Kashmir JK, Jharkhand JH, Karnataka KA, Kerala KL, Lakshadweep LD, Madhya Pradesh MP, Maharashtra MH, Manipur MN, Meghalaya ML, Mizoram MZ, Nagaland NL, Orissa OR, Pondicherry PY, Punjab PB, Rajasthan RJ, Sikkim SK, Tamil Nadu TN, Tripura TR, Uttar Pradesh UP, Uttaranchal UL, and West Bengal WB.

This is not only a plus for the tourism industries in India, but will be a huge boost for Local Search in the country. I’m quite sure Sushubh will be happy to hear this as he has just launched Gurgaon City News.

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Google AdWords India Adds Regional Targeting

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