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Google AdWords Exclusion Tool Now Unlimited : For Contextual Network

There are going to be some very happy Google Adwords advertisers out there as AdWords has beefed up its Site Exclusion Tool to allow the exclusion of an unlimited amount of AdSense publishing websites (but what about Domain Parking sites?).

From Google AdWords:

We hope you’ll use the Site Exclusion tool to improve your ROI and refine your targeting across the network. And, as always, we’d like to remind you that excluding a site (or a section of a site) from one of your campaigns will prevent your ad from showing on all of the pages of that site (or section).

Before you go crazy blocking multiple sites, root domains and some sites which you feel may not be generating quality traffic Google reminds us that sometimes quality traffic could come from a lower quality site:

Therefore, to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential customers, we suggest that you review a site carefully before deciding to exclude it from your campaign.

And what about those Domain Parking Sites?

Seems that Google AdWords on Domain Parking sites are part of the Google Search network and not the Content network, so the exclusion tool is not working on Domain Parking.

Richard Ball comments:

When I saw Site exclusion is now unlimited flash across my feed reader, my initial reaction was relief. Cool, I can now block sites such as parked domains from AdWords distribution. My relief didn’t last long. Google’s simply removing the cap on the number of sites you can block on the Content network. You still can’t use the site exclusion tool for the Search network.

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Google AdWords Exclusion Tool Now Unlimited : For Contextual Network

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