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Google AdWords Email : Rejoin the Google Content Network

Google AdWords Email : Rejoin the Google Content Network

I do not run many Google Adwords accounts (for myself), but in the ones that I do have running one of the first things I do before launching the campaign is deselecting Contextual Ads in the Campaign Settings field. This option makes sure that ads are only shown in search and not on the sites of Google Contextual partners and the Google AdSense network.

This is not because I have anything against Google AdSense as an advertiser, it’s just that the campaigns I’m running are geared towards search. I have seen many AdSense campaigns lead to successful results and goals obtained.

The reason I’m writing this is because I received an email from Google tonight, asking me to Rejoin the Google Content Network. This is the first Push Marketing mail I’ve received from Google that trys and convert search-only AdWords advertises over to AdWords & AdSense advertising buyers, who, according to Google “now average 20% more clicks than those who opt out of content.”

We notice you have chosen not to show your AdWords ads on the Google content network. Because we want to help you make the most of your advertising dollars, we’d like to tell you about some exciting new content network features, including content bids and site exclusion. We want you to rejoin us as a content network advertiser.

The mail describes and addresses Google AdWords advertiser questions and what Google has done to address those concerns.

“I want to bid separately for clicks from search and content.”

Done. We’ve just released content bids, which let you set one price for search clicks and a different price for clicks from the content network. You decide the value each network brings to your business. Learn more about content bids.

“I like content, but I don’t want my ad to show on certain sites.”

Many advertisers have told us that one website or another clashes with their interests. In response, we’ve created the site exclusion tool, which you can use to specify up to 500 sites where your ad will not appear. Learn more about site exclusion.

“I only want my ad to appear on sites I hand-pick.”

No problem. An AdWords site-targeted campaign lets you select the exact content network sites where your campaign will appear. You can even target sections or individual pages of a site if you wish. Learn more about site targeting.

“But can I get the same ROI from content sites?”

We know that not all sites deliver the same value to all advertisers. That’s why we’ve created smart pricing, which analyzes network data and actually reduces the price you pay for a content click that is less likely to turn into a sale. No effort needed on your part — smart pricing is automatic. Learn more about smart pricing.

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Google AdWords Email : Rejoin the Google Content Network

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