Google AdWords Customers to Target Specific AdSense Pages (Not Just Sites)

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Google AdWords Customers to Target Specific AdSense Pages (Not Just Sites)

Reported over at Search Engine Watch Forums, AdWords Now Allows Targeting Ads To Sections Of A Site. That is right, and I am not sure why I haven’t seen this before today. I mean, yesterday the InsideAdWords blogged about 25 cent CPMs for Site Targeting but no mention of such accuracy within site targeting. The Google Help section explains What are site sections?

Site targeting places your ads on individual sites in the Google content network. Site sections take that one step further by placing your ads on only one section or even one page of a site. If you sell football shoes, for instance, you might choose to advertise only on the sports section of a news site rather than placing ads across the entire site.

Select a site section by entering its URL in the AdWords site tool or in the ‘Edit Sites and CPM’ section of your account. If the full site is, the section URL will take the form You may target individual pages by using the form Refer to the URL of the actual site to see how its sections are named.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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