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Google AdWords App Lets Users Add Keywords On the Go

Google AdWords App Lets Users Add Keywords On the Go

An update to the Google AdWords app lets advertisers add, remove, and edit keywords from their mobile device.

AdWords advertisers can manage the keyword list for any of their campaigns, as well as get new ideas for keywords and see a forecast of how the keywords will perform.

This update should allow advertisers to get more work done when they’re on the go, and comes with the added benefit of being able to capture keyword ideas immediately. Never let a keyword idea slip away, just grab your phone and add it to your campaign.

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Keywords can be added after tapping “Keywords” from the overview screen and following these steps:

  • Tap the “+” button.
  • Select a campaign and ad group.
  • Tap “+ Add a keyword.”
  • Enter a word or phrase as your keyword.
  • Choose the right keyword match type.
  • Tap the ‘checkmark’ symbol.
  • Tap “Save” to save your selection, or continue adding keywords to the same ad group by tapping “+ Add a keyword” again.

Keyword ideas can also be explored in this section. Instead of tapping “+ Add a Keyword” tap “Get keyword ideas.” Then type in a seed word to return ideas related to that keyword. Select any keywords you want to add to your list and tap “Save.”

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Keywords can also be edited and removed from the Keywords section. Tap on the keyword you want to edit or remove, then you can either edit it or send it to the trash can.

The updated AdWords app is available now from the iOS App Store and Google Play.


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