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Google AdWords Ads to Undergo Significant Makeover This Month

Google has announced its AdWords ads will undergo one of the most significant makeovers in recent memory later this month.

The forthcoming updates will apply to mobile ads only, and will change how sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets are displayed.

Sitelinks Carousel

Google will be introducing a sitelinks carousel to AdWords ads, which resembles the sitelinks that currently appear for organic listings.

“Going forward, we’re simplifying how mobile sitelinks will show by using both horizontal buttons and larger vertical links.”

The company says searchers are two times as likely to interact with sitelinks when they appear in this new format.

Callouts and Snippets

When this AdWords update rolls out, callouts and structured snippets will blend in with the ad copy. Instead of appearing in separate lines below the ad, they will appear in paragraph form.

With this change to callouts and structured snippets, more of them will be eligible to show up with AdWords ads going forward.

Google says user studies have found this new format to be “more informative and engaging.”

Changes on the Advertisers’ End

It doesn’t sound like there will be any changes on the end of the advertiser. The new formatting will take place on Google’s end, while advertisers can continue to run their campaigns as they usually would.

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Google AdWords Ads to Undergo Significant Makeover This Month

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