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Google AdWords Adds Scheduling / Dayparting

Google AdWords Adds Scheduling / Dayparting

Jennifer Slegg posts on the Search Engine Watch Blog that Google AdWords has added time scheduling to its advertising interface. The new feature allows advertisers to change the look of their AdWords ads dependent upon day of the week or time of day.

MSN adCenter also offers dayparting and Yahoo Search Marketing offers the service to limited advertisers, but is planning on making dayparting an intricate part of their new ROI positioned advertising service which is due for wide release later in the year.

From Jen Slegg:

Another feature now allows publishers to specify their own time zone, or the time zone they would like their ads to appear in. The dayparting feature allows advertisers to specify the time period they would like their ads to appear. It is worth noting that the ads are served based on the advertiser specified time zones. So an advertiser on the west cost of the US could schedule ads to appear between 1-3pm PST, but someone on the east coast would see those ads between 4-6pm PST. An advertiser could also chose to schedule their ads to display only during their hours of operation when they would be available for customer support or on the phone.

Dayparting features not only work for keyword targeting but you can also use it for any site targeting campaigns on the AdSense network.

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Google AdWords Adds Scheduling / Dayparting

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