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Google AdWords Abuse Video on YouTube

Google AdWords Abuse Video on YouTube

Google AdWords Abuse Video on YouTube

Evan Roberts posts on Marketing Shift the recap of a video from YouTube which shows how “a couple different forms of adsense abuse including Made-For-Adsense sites and multiple accounts bidding on the same words both violations of Google Policies.”

From the YouTube member who posted the video:

“There has been a recent explosion in abuse of AdWords, Google’s PPC (pay per click) advertising platform. It is apparent that the techniques do not follow Google’s own clear guidelines. Unfortunately, users and legitimate advertisers pay the price, while Google and the unscrupulous advertisers profit.

Google has always put its users first and one would hope that they will continue to abide by their charter. My aim with this video is to urge them to do something about these issues sooner rather than later.

Please send an email to Google, or to your favorite business or technology publication/blog”

The video is available via YouTube or you can watch it here:

Evan adds:

“It is worth the 5 minutes to watch it, especially if you have an active Adwords account, because these tactics maybe affecting your ROI.”

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Google AdWords Abuse Video on YouTube

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