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Google AdSense to Introduce Animated Banner Advertising

Google AdSense to Introduce Animated Banner Advertising

Google AdSense to Introduce Animated Banner Advertising

Google has announced a number of changes for their Adsense advertising program that has become the mainstay of many blogs [and websites]. In what could be considered somewhat contriversial, Google has announced as part of an expansion of its image ad program they will start accepting animated GIF ads from a small test group of advertisers.

Other changes include the introduction of a new type of channel for account holders; Google touts URL channels as allowing users to track the performance of individual pages, or groups of pages, without having to update ad code, and an expansion to the language options for AdSense for search, with the range of languages expanding to 21, including Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Russian, and traditional Chinese.

Brian Morrissey of Direct Marketing News adds:

Google has taken tentative steps to offer ads beyond text search listings. In addition to text listings that appear on thousands of Internet sites through its AdSense for Content program, Google also has tested inserting image ads for some image searches on

AdSense publishers can choose whether to display the image ads and where they appear on the page. Google’s ad system determines whether to display an image ad over a text ad based on relevance and performance. Google does not reveal how many AdSense publishers have opted to display image ads.

Guest columnist Duncan Riley is the Editor of Blog Herald – delivering more blog news more often.

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Google AdSense to Introduce Animated Banner Advertising

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