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Google AdSense : Running Other Publisher AdSense Code on Banned Site is OK

Cristian Mezei has made an interesting post at SeoPedia about Google letting and even encouraging webmasters who have been banned from Google AdSense to “rent out” the ad space to other AdSense account holders.

Cristian : Considering that I can’t create a new AdSense account, will you allow me to rent the space in my website, to other AdSense publishers ?

Google AdSense Team : If other AdSense editors wish to display ads on your website, they can do that, as long as they respect the rules of the AdSense Program.

Please do remember that we regularly check the website that use our AdSense program, and we monitor that our policies are respected. If we track an account that disobeys these policies, the account will be banned.

Interesting reply from Google. You’d think that they would encourage the webmaster to clean up their site in an effort to lift the ban on their own Google AdSense account and not run the ads of others on their sites.

Doing so would be holistic reform of the click-fraud accused.

By asking publishers to clean up their act and then not let those publishers run their own AdSense ads again, but the ads of others, is a bit selfish on Google’s part.

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Google AdSense : Running Other Publisher AdSense Code on Banned Site is OK

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