Google AdSense Offers Channel Level Tracking

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Google has recently upgraded the Google AdSense program. Many webmasters have complained about the lack of clarity in ad reporting. AdSense now offers channel level tracking. This channel level tracking can be set up by adding a small amount of code to your AdSense code snippet. These channels can be used to determine AdSense clickthrough rates and revenue across different websites, pages, or ad layouts.

In addition AdSense has made a few other upgrades.

  • AdSense now offers downloadable CSV reports.
  • AdSense offers the abiltiy to show a solid color background block instead of public service announcement ads when targeted ads can not be displayed.
  • Google has also began to support AdSense ads in framed web pages.
  • Comming soon: public service announcement AdSense ads will have a distinctly different look than other AdSense ads. Google most likely decided to make this change to prevent PSA ads from lowering the clickthrough rates of their targeted AdSense ads.

Want to know more about the new AdSense upgrades? View the AdSense FAQ Page.

Posted by Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall
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