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Google AdSense Limits Referral Payout to 90 Day Window

Google AdSense Limits Referral Payout to 90 Day Window

I’m not using this program, and probably just as well. Jensense reports that Google have quietly added a new term to all AdSense referrals generated by a publisher, a 90-day time limit on that referral, meaning a referred publisher must earn the $100 within the first 90 days, before the referring publisher is eligible to earn that $100 for a completed AdSense referral.

When a publisher that signed up for AdSense through your referral earns their initial $100.00 and is eligible for payout, we’ll credit your account with $100.00. *

Note the asterisk at the end. And at the bottom where the asterisk references:

* An AdSense referral is counted when a publisher, who has never previously enrolled in AdSense, creates an account and earns at least $100.00 within 90 days of sign-up. The referred publisher must be eligible for payment to qualify as a successful referral.

Let’s face it, most people signing up to Adsense for the first time aren’t going to make this (and if they were they’d 99% most likely already be using Adsense).

Duncan Riley is the Editor of Blog Herald and one of the founding members of the b5media Blog Network.

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Google AdSense Limits Referral Payout to 90 Day Window

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