Google AdSense for Domains and Poor Traffic

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Google AdSense for Domains and Poor Traffic

I was reading this disturbing thread over at Search Engine Watch Forums named AdSense For Domains Garbage Traffic. The thread shows how one AdWords advertiser that spent “20K+ dollars worth of garbage traffic that came as a result of parked domains and similar types of sites.” He even notes that a “couple of the sites are porn related.” Now now… I remembered that Danny wrote about this in the past, the past being only two days ago, under a blog entry he named Google AdSense For Domains Program Overdue For Reform.

Danny describes the AdSense for Domains program and shows how often, it leads to poor results for the advertiser and the end user, but great for Google and the publisher. Danny asks for the minimum;

At the very least, Google should make AdSense For Domains a program that really is independent of AdSense For Search and allow people to opt-out. It certainly should be pondering the mixed message of telling AdSense For Content people that they can’t put ads on parked domains on the one hand yet running a massive program that does exactly that on the other.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums, where they are on the topic of advertisers opting out of parkdomain (Google AdSense for Domains) program.

Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable Search Forum Coverage – Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a Web services firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales.

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  • Jason Bailey

    We make a lot of money from our parked domain names through the Overture/YSM XML domain landing program. We USED to make 4x that amount (10k+ per day) last year before GOOG got smart and banned all the domains from their SERPs. But they still haven’t banned their own (or indeed all of the made for adsense content crap).

    So they recognize that it has no(little) value to the end user and ban it when it is making their competitors money. But they leave it there when they make money off of it.

    If YAHOO! were to wake up and ban all of the made for adsense crap from their indexes it would cost Google millions a day in lost revenue. BTW – Yahoo! has banned 90% of their own parked domains as well, so they are trying to clean up their index (stress on *try*ing)…

  • Jason Bailey

    Funny – I just got some blog spam from a google syndication partner.
    Too bad you can’t report them as easily as your can report adsense abusers (not that google does anything with the complaints anyway…)

  • hagrin

    I find this article incredible considering the amount of money involved and I had to dispute 18 dollars with the AdSense people in fraudulent activity. Where are the priorities?

    Great article – way to inform the community.

  • Dookie

    I have found there are 2 kinds of Adsense for domains publishers: The kind who own really clear and meaningful type-in domains that get organic traffic; which they send into the AFD system. And the kind the register any domain name use SEO techniques to position said names high in the Yahooand GOOG index and then sell those visits back into the AFD system.

    In my experience, if Google were to stop sending Adsense for domains traffic from the first kind of publisher to its advertisers, those advertisers would very quickly find that their traffic and conversions fall WAY off. I have found a significant percentage of my CONVERSIONS come from domain traffic from generic sounding high quality domain names; so for me it is a very good thing, not bad.

    I can understand how traffic from the latter type of publisher, essentially gaming the Goog and Yhoo indexes would lead to poor conversion rates though.

  • Tomas de Aquino

    My search for SEO blogs is now over. Thanks to this post

  • Don

    Actually, the domain channel is a very good thing for our advertising campaigns nowadays, with ROIs higher than on search (because CPCs are lower!).

    I know Google had some problems with the channel when they introduced it at the beginning, and I guess that’s where some of the comments come from, but nowadays I can STRONGLY encourage everyone to benefit from domain channel (also called adsense for domains or AFD) traffic.