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Google AdSense Featuring Adwords Product Plusbox Shopping Feeds

We’ve seen the shopping feeds popping up in the past in Google Search Results and in the AdWords program ever since 2007 and Barry recently did a write up on Search Engine Roundtable about the Google Adwords “Show Products” Plusbox no longer being a test and becoming an integrated part of the Google Advertising experience.

It looks like now Google has taken the “Show Products” AdWords Shopping Feeds one step further, and is now running them on contextually targeted AdSense ads within YouTube. YouTube is the only site I have seen these run on, and in the video example you’ll see that the AdSense ads are for a shopping site which is extremely relevant to the video; Thomas the Tank Engine products being served for a Thomas the Tank Engine YouTube video. Take a look :

Here’s a statement Google made about the AdWords Products Plusbox (from Barry’s post about AdWords).

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and helping users find the information they’re looking for online, we are testing a feature called the AdWords Product PlusBox, intended to help make information about specific products more easily accessible. For ads associated with products in Google Base, a plusbox can be expanded to display relevant products from that advertiser. The plusbox provides users with more information about an advertiser’s offering even before clicking on the ad, and offers advertisers a new way to engage potential customers. This feature is currently in a limited beta with a small number of advertisers.

However, like I said, this is the first time I’ve seen a similar system used in Google contextual advertising.

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Google AdSense Featuring Adwords Product Plusbox Shopping Feeds

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