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Google AdSense Expands with Web Search

Google AdSense Expands with Web Search

When Google launched Adsense, millions of website owners scurried to sign up. By adding “AdWords Text Ads” to your website, you can make a nice little income with no work on your part. Once the code is placed on a page, Google scans it for a theme and shows ads related to the content it finds.

Google is never one to rest on its laurels, and is constantly adding features and improving the program. The latest news is “Adsense for Search.” Thousands of people love to search with Google and now they can do so without leaving your site, giving you another opportunity to make money with the Adsense Program.

With “WebSearch,” users can search not only Google, but if you choose the option, they can search your site as well. Adsense Ads, targeted to the users’ searches are shown next to the results, just as they are if they performed the search at Google itself.

So how does the search box look on your website? Google makes it easy for you to customize the look of WebSearch to make it match the feel of your site. You can add your own Logos, change colors, title, text colors and more. Google offers over 200 colors to choose from.

So what are the benefits of adding “WebSearch” to your site? Well, if you don’t have search cap-abilities for your own website, this is an easy way to add it. Also, it may keep visitors on your website longer and gives them a useful tool that they may come back and use more often. It also gives you another way to generate income from Adsense itself.

If you’re worried about the types of sites that may be returned in the search results, Google has a “safe search” option that allows you to exclude adult related content from appearing on your site.

Like “Adsense for Content,” “Adsense for Search” requires you to already have an account with Google and be approved for their program.

If you’d like to turn on WebSearch for your site, you’ll need to log into your account and grab the code to paste onto your pages.

On a side note, Google has also added some other really nice features to Adsense:

1) Preview Tool: A free download for Internet Explorer 6.0 so you can preview what Adsense Ads will look like on your web pages. It installs itself as an add-on to your right-click menu. It allows you to try out different ad formats and color combinations. Advertisers are not charged for ads that are clicked on from within the Preview Tool. For more information, go to:

2) Languages Added: Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish for Websearch and Adsense for Content.

3) More Channels: You can now create up to 50 channels for Adsense and 50 for WebSearch for a total of 100 different channels across your sites.

4) Ad Format: Another new ad format size of 234×60 horizontal banner.

5) Image Ads: Option to display not only text ads on your website, but image ads as well, or a combination of both.

Google is constantly making changes and adding features to its Adsense Program, which is a good thing for website owners everywhere. By implementing AdSearch on your pages, you can add related content for your site’s visitors and also earn a nice little income, to boot. For more on the program go to

Isn’t it time your website starting earning its keep?


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Google AdSense Expands with Web Search

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