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Google AdSense Electronic Funds Transfer Out Of Beta

Google AdSense Electronic Funds Transfer Out Of Beta

Google AdSense Electronic Funds Transfer Out Of Beta

Google AdSense has taken its Electronic Funds Transfer system out of beta after months of testing and is offering wire deposits to bank accounts of AdSense publishers in 16 different countries. For international AdSense publishers, the Google EFT system is a fiscal need as checks via International Mail have been known to take a long time to be delivered or can even get lost. Additionally, there is usually some sort of foreign currency exchange charge by banks when a US check is deposited into a foreign account plus the extended wait for the check to clear in some countries.

Google’s Electronic Funds Transfer is not only limited to International site publishers as US residents can also choose to have their AdSense payments direct deposited, which can save us all from standing in line at the bank and explaining to the bank teller exactly what Google is. I can’t count the amount of time I’ve been asked by the innocent small town tellers “You make money from the Internet? With what, computers?” More from Google AdSense Support :

Electronic Funds Transfer is ready for the big-time! We’ve been working hard on our payment system, and with our thanks to the thousands of AdSense publishers who took part in our beta test, we’re now ready to bring EFT out of beta. Publishers who have already received payments through EFT don’t need to do anything – they can continue to have their payments conveniently deposited directly into their bank accounts.

If you would like to sign up for the first time, you’ll need to enter your bank account information through your AdSense account. We’ll then make a small test deposit into that bank account – once you’ve verified the amount of this test deposit, you’ll be all set up for direct deposit. Please note that, if you signed up during the beta period but didn’t receive a payment, you’ll need to register your bank account again now and complete the verification process.

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