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Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network’s Fight For Publishers

Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network’s Fight For Publishers

The battle for publishers between Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network is heating up beyond CNN and Washington Post as Google AdSense representatives are now telephoning some old AdSense users who made the switch over to Yahoo Publisher Network. Google is asking publishers to come back to AdSense and possibly even negotiating higher payouts with premier publishers, something that Google AdSense has done in the past (no link, but have had discussions with such premier publishers).

This explains the latest ‘TIP’ which Google is showing in the AdSense interface(to the right of Today’s Earnings when you log in) : Is your phone number correct? Please visit the account settings page and make any necessary updates to ensure that you can be reached at the phone number associated with your account.

JenSense, the Goddess of Contextual Advertising, highlights the importance of such phone calls, showing that Google is taking the loss of their AdSense publishers quite seriously.

It shows that AdSense actually is paying attention to which publishers have left AdSense for YPN, and taking steps to bring them back to AdSense… And perhaps YPN will start phoning those who have signed up for their publisher service yet haven’t made a big switch from AdSense to YPN.

Next thing you know Chitika eMiniMalls will be having Darren Rowse calling Google AdSense and Y!PN publishers about the notion of switching over to Chitika.

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Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network’s Fight For Publishers

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