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Google AdSense & Advertising Killing Site Linkability?

Google AdSense & Advertising Killing Site Linkability?

Do the Google AdSense ads on your site hurt the linkability of the site? Aaron Wall of the AdSenseless SEO Book looks at how stuffing a site full of Google AdSense ads may affiliate the goals of that site with purely being focused around gathering AdSense clicks.

I’ve thought about this some in the past regarding AdSense oriented product sites and how actually not including advertisements and affiliate links on the site after its launch and initial linking, partnering, link bait phase AND THEN smothering the site with contextual ads after it gains popularity would be a much better splog business plan than launching with those ads from the get-go.

Aaron shares his views in his post AdSense vs SpamSense: AdSense Tips and Linkworthy Content:

The few biggest keys I would suggest to increasing your income per pageview without hurting your linkability would be:

* Build decent topical authority and a good link profile before worrying about getting as much money as you can out of visitors. Links are a currency, and without them your other options and earnings potential are at best limited.

* Less ads on the homepage than the rest of the site

* Adding a search box is easy incremental income without increasing your perceived ad weight.

* Blending adlinks into navigation or near images can help improve CTR.

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Google AdSense & Advertising Killing Site Linkability?

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