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Google AdSense Adds Web Search Features

Today Google added search results to their AdSense advertising package. Sites which run Google AdSense can now include a Google search box or Google Site Search which gives Google hosted search results for search box queries which include AdWords/AdSense ads which the respected site owners earn a percentage of the advertising revenue for Google AdWords clicks that result from such searches. This is a new bold step from Google and one step away from letting AdSense affiliates run Google targeted advertising in their search results.

From Google:

AdSense now offers the ability to monetize web and site search! WebSearch plus AdSense for search combines Google’s powerful search with monetized and customizable search results pages. Simply placing the code on any web page that meets our program criteria will generate a WebSearch box, allowing users to search without leaving your site, and providing additional revenue for you. Learn more.

As an AdSense publisher, you automatically get access to Google WebSearch. To activate WebSearch simply go to your Account Information page and click on the Products link. Edit your Product settings to include WebSearch and a new top-level tab will appear for Search Settings.

Combine WebSearch with AdSense to monetize more web pages.

It’s one of the most fundamental rules of business: what’s good for your customers is good for you. And by that yardstick, adding Google WebSearchâ„¢ to your site is a very good idea indeed. Combine WebSearch with Google AdSense, and you can monetize more web pages while providing visitors with an even better online experience.

Google provides search services for some of the most-visited sites, including Amazon, AOL, AT&T Worldnet, EarthLink, the New York Times, NEC BIGLOBE and T-Online. As the world’s largest search engine, Google delivers search results to millions of people—people who know that Google’s strict no-paid-inclusions policy means they can be sure of getting unbiased search results.
Boost traffic—and repeat visits.

When you add Google WebSearch to your site, your customers get the power of the Google search engine at their fingertips. This can keep visitors on your site for a longer time, since they can search from right where they are on your site, instead of having to go elsewhere. And it could increase your repeat traffic because you’re offering a better user experience. AOL, for example, says that adding Google WebSearch has increased search traffic by 33 percent, while boosting customer satisfaction with search results.

How to profit from Google WebSearch.

Generate additional revenue from search pages with the AdSense program. AdSense combines powerful search technology with thousands of keyword advertisers to deliver targeted text-based advertising. Visitors find these ads useful and click on them — and when they do, Google pays you. And since there are more pages generated by Google search, you’ll have more pages to monetize.

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Google AdSense Adds Web Search Features

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