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Google AdSense Adds New Text Ad Formats

Google AdSense Adds New Text Ad Formats

Google Adsense has developed two new advertising formats for the publishers of its text ad network. Previously, publishers were limited to the basic 468×60 and 120×600 Google AdSense advertisements. However, Google has added the two new formats which not only make it easier for webmasters to add these into their site content, but also may result in higher click thru percentages for the publishers.

Google’s new ad formats are a 300×250 box which displays four text advertisements with links and descriptions in one easy to read and compact area. Google has also added a 728×90 “Leaderboard” banner advertisement which also displays four Google AdSense advertisements.

Studies show that contextually targeted advertisements show a better click thru rating than basic image based online advertising. With Google’s new ad formats, it will be interesting to see how large the difference in results grow between the text and image online advertising formats. Google’s image page with example’s of new Adsense graphics.

More on Google AdSense

AdSense is an extension of Google’s Contextual AdWords program, in which Google partnered with larger sites to deliver Google AdWords where there is relevant content.

Additionally, publishers will be able to alter the colors of how the ads appear, choosing from 20 palettes to match their sites.

The AdSense program is a self-serve program, much like their traditional AdWords program, and bypasses the ad networks that Google has been delivering their content ads through. To activate AdSense on a site, the publisher simply logs into their Google account and cuts and pastes a small piece of HTML code into their web pages or ad server. Google will still review each publisher’s application to make sure that the site meets Google’s editorial guidelines.

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Google AdSense Adds New Text Ad Formats

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