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Google Ads Update: Target Users Who Click On In-App Ads

A new targeting option in Google Ads allows marketers to increase returns on app campaigns.

Google Ads is rolling out an update for app marketers designed to increase revenue earned from in-app advertisements.

Now, Google Ads’ app campaigns allow you to target people with an affinity for clicking on ads within apps.

The new targeting option is target return on ad spend for ad revenue or tROAS for ad revenue for short.

In an announcement, Google states:

“This is an update to the Target Return on Ad Spend, or tROAS bid strategy, which is recommended if you are seeking a specific Return on Ad Spend from your App campaigns. If you have an Android app using the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK conversion reporting, you can calculate tROAS by passing a dynamic revenue value from in-app events in Google Analytics to Google ads, in order to improve the average dollar value you want back for every dollar spent on user acquisition.”

When utilizing tROAS for ad revenue, ad spend is determined by how likely a user is to click on in-app ads.

Requirements & Implementation

To use tROAS for ad revenue, you will need to work with a developer to send all AdMob or third-party ad revenue data to Google Analytics for bidding.

Why? Because third-party ad revenue in Google Analytics enables revenue import from any monetization platform into Google Analytics for tROAS bidding.

In addition, you’re required to link your Google Analytics property to Google Ads and send your Google Analytics ad_impression event to Google Ads.

With those requirements met, you can implement this new targeting capability by setting up a tROAS for ad revenue App campaign and selecting the ‘ad_impression’ event to optimize toward ad revenue.


Target return on ad spend for ad revenue is available now for advertisers running app campaigns.

Source: Google

Featured Image: Tada Images/Shutterstock

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Google Ads Update: Target Users Who Click On In-App Ads

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