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Google Ads Update: Enhanced GA4 Conversion Imports

Google Ads now supports fractional, cross-channel conversion imports, allowing you to improve optimization & maximize returns.

  • Google Ads now supports importing fractional, cross-channel conversion credits from GA4 properties.
  • This update allows for more accurate data and improved optimization of ad campaigns.
  • Advertisers must migrate to GA4 and set up proper conversion actions to utilize this capability.

In a recent update, Google Ads improved how it imports web conversion data, allowing for more precise measurements and enhanced optimization.

Google Ads now supports the import of fractional, cross-channel web conversion credits from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties.

Previously Limited To Last Click Attribution

Before this update, web conversions were imported from GA4 based on a cross-channel last-click attribution model.

This meant conversions were only imported into Google Ads if the last click originated from Google advertising.

Consequently, advertisers miss out on valuable conversion data from other channels.

Fractional Cross-Channel Conversion Credits Now Supported

With the latest update, Google Ads will import partial cross-channel conversion data even if the last non-direct click wasn’t from Google Ads.

If data-driven attribution is used, all the partial Google credits from GA4 will be imported into Google Ads, regardless of where the last interaction occurred.

Setup & Benefits Of Importing Conversions

To import conversions from Google Analytics to Google Ads, advertisers must link their Analytics and Google Ads accounts and enable auto-tagging in their Google Ads accounts.

Importing conversions offers several benefits, such as:

  • Access to Analytics conversions and data related to Google Ads clicks
  • Viewing Analytics conversion data within Google Ads
  • Allowing Google Ads Smart Bidding to optimize bids using the imported data
  • Migrating Conversions to GA4

To avoid duplicate conversions and ensure a smooth transition, advertisers must migrate their conversions to GA4.

As of October 3, 2022, Google Ads automatically sets newly imported GA4 conversion actions as “secondary” conversion actions to prevent double-counting the same event for bidding.

Advertisers must manually set GA4 conversion actions as their “primary” source before Universal Analytics becomes obsolete.

You can do this by signing into your Google Ads account, navigating to the Measurement > Conversions section, and selecting the “primary action” option for the desired conversion action.

Impact On Results

If you’ve never imported Universal Analytics goals, the default setting for imported GA4 conversions will be “primary.” No further action is required to start bidding.

Google Ads will import data from Analytics when the import process is initiated. Historical data before this date will not be added to Google Ads.

Google will use the chosen conversion window(s) (7-90 days, default: 30 days) to determine which conversion events to import from Analytics.

To ensure the accuracy of imported conversion data, make sure to either remove existing Universal Analytics conversions or mark them as “secondary” before importing GA4 conversions.

This step will help prevent potential issues with duplicate conversion data.

In Summary

You can access more accurate data and make better decisions by importing fractional, cross-channel web conversion credits from GA4 properties.

Consequently, you can ensure you’re making the most of your advertising budget and maximizing your return.

Source: Google

Featured Image: Fluna nightEtJ/Shutterstock

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Google Ads Update: Enhanced GA4 Conversion Imports

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