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Google Ads to Improve the Optimization of App Campaigns

Google Ads is improving the way it tracks the performance of app campaigns.

App campaigns use text, image, video and HTML5 assets to deliver relevant ads. Soon, Google will update app campaigns by attribute traffic to each of those creative assets.

By knowing exactly which combination of creative assets is driving app downloads, Google Ads can improve the way campaigns select and serve asset combinations as ads. The new data will also help advertisers make more informed design decisions.

These changes are rolling out over the coming months. Advertisers with active app campaigns will automatically have their campaigns updated.

So there is nothing for advertisers to do in order to adopt these updates. There is also no way to opt out of the changes.

Google says it does not anticipate any negative impact to the performance of app campaigns. Although there may be some shifts in data when it comes to asset reporting metics.

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Google Ads to Improve the Optimization of App Campaigns

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