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Google Ads Revamps Query Matching: What You Need to Know

Google Ads revamps query matching, adding misspelling tools and brand controls to boost campaign efficiency.

  • Google Ads will aggregate misspelled queries in search term reports.
  • Negative keywords will automatically block misspellings.
  • New brand inclusion and exclusion features offer more control over brand-related traffic.

Google Ads has announced several updates to modify how search queries are matched and how advertisers can control brand-related traffic.

These changes will be rolled out over the coming months and will affect various aspects of campaign management and reporting.

Google asserts that these changes are part of its ongoing efforts to improve ad performance through AI technology.

The company claims recent AI-powered improvements have boosted broad match performance by 10% for advertisers using Smart Bidding.

4 Updates To Google Ads

1. Search Term Reporting

Google will now aggregate misspelled search queries with their correctly spelled counterparts in search term reports.

The company claims this will reveal an average of 9% more search terms previously hidden under the “Other” category due to privacy thresholds.

2. Negative Keyword Functionality

Google Ads will automatically block misspellings of words added as negative keywords, potentially reducing the manual work required to manage these lists.

3. Brand Inclusions For Broad Match

Google Ads is introducing a “brand inclusions” feature for broad match campaigns.

This feature allows advertisers to limit their ads to queries related to specified brand names.

4. Brand Exclusions Expansion

Previously available only in Performance Max campaigns, brand exclusions will now apply to all match types and Dynamic Search Ads.

Why SEJ Cares

The increased visibility into search terms and the simplified management of misspellings address long-standing pain points.

Meanwhile, the new brand controls offer more nuanced ways to target or avoid brand-related traffic, potentially leading to more efficient ad spend.

How This Can Help You

  • Time Savings: Automatic blocking of misspellings for negative keywords can streamline campaign management, freeing up time for more strategic tasks.
  • Brand Protection: The new brand inclusion and exclusion features offer tools for managing brand-related traffic, whether you’re looking to capitalize on your brand searches or avoid competing brands.
  • AI-Powered Performance: By leveraging Google’s AI improvements in broad match, advertisers could see gains in campaign performance with less manual optimization.

The full impact of these changes on ad performance, cost, and campaign management will likely become clearer in the coming months.

Featured Image: Poetra.RH/Shutterstock

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Google Ads Revamps Query Matching: What You Need to Know

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