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Google Ads Policy Update: Changes To Government Docs & Services

Google is postponing the enforcement date of new advertising policies to May 24, allowing extra time to make needed adjustments.

  • Google's policy enforcement date is postponed to May 24, 2023, giving marketers extra time to adjust their strategies.
  • The updated policy features an exhaustive list of in-scope categories and removes Germany as a region-specific exception.
  • Advertisers must review the policy, ensure compliance, and remove non-compliant ads before the enforcement date to avoid warnings or account suspensions.

Google has announced updates to its Google Ads Government Documents and Official Services policy, which will take effect on May 24.

The policy changes include the following:

  • A shift to an exhaustive list of in-scope categories
  • Region-specific category exclusions
  • Modifications to the list of authorized providers

Staying informed about these policy updates can help keep your account in good standing and avoid potential suspensions.

Take note of the below-listed changes and make any necessary adjustments.

Key Changes In the Policy Update

  • Enforcement Date: Google has postponed the enforcement date for policy changes from March 31, 2023, to May 24, 2023. The new policy will be enforced globally, with full enforcement taking approximately six weeks to ramp up.
  • Germany’s Status: Germany was previously listed as a region-specific exception under “Public road access fees and passes,” but this exception will no longer apply. Advertisers promoting this category in Germany must qualify as a government or authorized provider and apply for the appropriate certification.
  • In-Scope Categories: The updated policy will feature an exhaustive list of in-scope categories, meaning that if a document or service isn’t mentioned, it’s out of scope. The revised policy is available on an ads policy help page.
  • Government-Issued Business Identification: This will now be included in the policy’s scope.
  • Authorized Providers: Google will allow government-authorized providers and remove the requirement for “delegated providers.” This means that the list of professional services not restricted by the policy, which was included in the current policy, will not be duplicated in the updated policy.
  • California Car Registration Pilot: In February 2023, Google launched a pilot program for authorized California car registration entities. Advertisers licensed by the state of California to process vehicle registration on its behalf were enabled to run ads promoting the services they were authorized to provide. This pilot will continue and is not affected by the changes in the enforcement start date.

Warnings and Account Suspensions

Violating the updated policy will not result in immediate account suspension without prior warning. Google will issue a notice at least seven days before suspending an account.

Advertisers should review the policy update and determine if their ads fall within the scope of the policy. If so, the affected ads must be removed before May 24, 2023.

In Summary

Updates to Google Ads’ Government Documents and Official Services policy can impact advertisers targeting specific regions and industries.

With the enforcement date postponed to May 24, 2023, Google is allowing additional time to adjust advertising strategies to comply with the new policy.

Source: Google

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Google Ads Policy Update: Changes To Government Docs & Services

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