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Google Ads Now Being Shown in Image Search

Google Ads Now Being Shown in Image Search

Business Insider reports that, for the first time ever, advertisements are on their way to Google’s image search results. The rollout is starting slow, beginning with shopping ads which will appear in appropriate image searches.

Ads in Google’s image search will take up an entire line of screen space which would otherwise have been occupied by images. A Google representative has told Business Insider that the reason why this ad unit is being introduced is because people already use image search as a starting point for shopping.

Apparently, the most common question people have when browsing image search, is how much the items cost and where they can be purchased from. Google’s new image search ad units help to answer those questions with clearly visible text featuring both the prices and locations where the items advertise can be purchased from online. 

The new Product Listing Ads for image search are now officially rolling out. With Image Search being part of the Google Display Network, your PLAs will be automatically eligible to be displayed in image search results, provided your shopping campaign is opted in to Search partners.


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