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Google Ads is Removing Features from Portfolio Bid Strategies

Google Ads is Removing Features from Portfolio Bid Strategies

Google Ads is making adjustments to two portfolio bid strategies in an effort to simplify the experience for users.

Portfolio bid strategies can help advertisers optimize bids across multiple campaigns. They’re automated and driven by campaign goals.

Enhanced CPC

Google Ads is removing the ability to create Enhanced CPC portfolio bid strategies. Enhanced CPC portfolios will be converted into individual Enhanced CPC campaigns Later this year.

Google says Enhanced CPC on individual campaigns provides the same benefits as portfolio strategies. Individual campaigns are also more widely used.

Target Spend Setting

The target spend setting will no longer be available for new maximize clicks portfolios. Going forward, Average daily budgets will be the way to determine spend for campaigns using Maximize clicks portfolio.

Google Ads is Removing Features from Portfolio Bid Strategies

Based on user feedback, the target spend setting was considered confusing, while average daily budgets are considered more useful and straightforward.

As a result of this change, the legacy target spend settings will be removed later this year. Instead, the average daily budget will be used to manage spend.

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