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Google Ads is Emailing Accounts That Haven’t Switched to Automated Bidding

Google Ads appears to be emailing owners of accounts that haven’t made the switch to automated bidding.

What’s most troubling about these emails is that Google is going over agencies’ heads and causing their clients unneeded worry.

The email reads:

“This is Rohit, your Google Ads Account Manager tried reaching your Agency to provide the important updates missing in the account.

They have denied to take down the update which might affect your performance.

I request you to call me at the number given or schedule some time by clicking the link below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.”

After reading that email, you may be lead to believe the agency was refusing to make a necessary update to the account.

However, as Gil Gildner mentioned in a reply to his thread, the agency simply did not want to switch to automated bidding.

Automated bidding is not a mandatory update, and suggesting performance may be impacted without it could cause the client to lose faith in the agency they hired.

It’s an aggressive tactic on Google’s part that I would argue is not in the best interest of the client.

You’ll notice that the email is signed by “An account strategist on behalf of Google.”

I tried reaching out to Google directly to find out whether or not this person is actually affiliated with the company.

Google has not responded to my request for confirmation at the time of this writing.

The most anyone has been able to determine is that they work for a company called Regalix:

So it looks like they work for a third-party that Google is outsourcing to.

In any case, watch out for these emails and be prepared to possibly do some damage control if your clients receive one.

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Google Ads is Emailing Accounts That Haven’t Switched to Automated Bidding

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