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Google Ads Introduces “New vs. Returning” Store Visits Segmentation

Google Ads advertisers who measure store visits can now utilize a “New vs Returning” segmentation.

The new segmentation is designed to help advertisers better understand how many store visits come from first-time customers compared to repeat customers.

These insights can then guide advertisers in the right direction in terms of adjusting their marketing strategy to reach their most valuable segment.

“For example, if your business goal is to maximize sales from existing customers, identify which campaigns and ad groups reach the most returning customers and focus your budgets, bid increases and keyword expansions there.”

The “new vs returning” segmentation applies to all conversions columns, including custom columns.

Advertisers can see previous visits and segment conversions in the store visit conversion reports based on a selected time period for the “customer lapse window.”

For returning customers, advertisers can choose from these conversion windows:

  • 180 days (default setting)
  • 90 days
  • 60 days
  • Custom (between 1 and 180 days)

If an advertiser selects 90 days as their conversion window, for example, then store visits are considered new if they’re from customers who haven’t visited in the past 90 days.

Conversion windows cannot exceed 180 days.

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Google Ads Introduces “New vs. Returning” Store Visits Segmentation

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