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Google Ads Introduces New Reports, Removes & Combines Old Ones

Google Ads is rolling out a new set of attribution reports which are said to be simpler and more intuitive.

Previously known as ‘search attribution’ reports, the new ones will simply be called ‘attribution’ reports.

These reports are vital to tracking the success of Google Ads campaigns as they provide information about paths that lead to a conversion.

Google Ads is combining some of the previous attribution reports and removing others. The available attribution reports now include:

  • Overview: a high-level view of conversion paths.
  • Top paths: the most common paths customers take to complete a conversion.
  • Path metrics: paths broken down by your audience’s devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).
  • Assisted conversions: all conversions assisted by clicks other than the last click.
  • Model comparison: compare two different attribution models side-by-side.
Examples of cards on the revamped overview page.

The new overview page, shown above, visualizes the customer journey. Here you can find metrics such as the percentage of customers who converted after multiple ad clicks, and how many of those customers engaged with the ads on multiple devices.

Example of the new model comparison report.

The new model comparison report, shown above, is designed to help advertisers compare cost per conversion and return on ad spend for different attribution models. The attribution models offered by Google Ads include last click, first click, linear, time decay, position-based, and data-driven attribution.

The new attribution reports, rolling out now, can be accessed by clicking on the tools & settings (wrench) icon in the upper right. Click on Measurement, then you’ll see Attribution.

Source: Google Ads

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Google Ads Introduces New Reports, Removes & Combines Old Ones

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