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Google Ads Can Now Show Ratings From Google My Business Listings

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Ratings and reviews on Google My Business are about to become an important revenue driver, as they can now be shown in Google Ads using location extensions.

Google has confirmed that, starting now, ratings from Google My Business listings are able to appear alongside ads on desktop and tablets. Google My Business location information is already automatically linked to AdWords accounts, so all you have to do is make sure location extensions are enabled.

As Google explains, this feature can be an important decision maker when it comes to someone choosing between your business or the competition:

“People increasingly rely on the opinions and experiences of others to help make decisions like which pizza parlor to visit, where to get your tires rotated or which dentist to make an appointment with. Local ratings make your ads more useful to consumers searching for local information, and can improve your ad performance.”

Previously, seller ratings from third party sites were used in conjunction with Google Ads as long as there were 30 or more reviews. Now you have the option to show ratings from your Google My Business page instead.

Using AdWords Express it used to be possible to get Google reviews to appear alongside your ads, as long as they met a minimum review and star rating threshold. Now all AdWords customers will be able to take advantage of this feature, but there’s no word on whether or not you have to meet a minimum number of reviews to get your star ratings shown.

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Google Ads Can Now Show Ratings From Google My Business Listings

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