Google Admits Flaws in Testing Buzz Prior to Release

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BBC is running a report about Google admitting to them that Google Buzz is sort of a half-baked product since it did not go through massive testing prior to release. The report was quite surprising not really because of the testing flaws but because of Google admitting it.

Anyway, according to the report, most of Google’s products go through a battery of testing by the so-called Google Trusted Tester program which is a network of friends and family of Google employees given confidential access to Google products before they are launch. Google admits that Buzz did not pass through this program.

The least that Google can do with Google Buzz was to subject it to feedback testing by around 20,000 Googlers. Hence, the reason for so many buzz kills that were pointed out by users.

The good news is, Google is now working double time to fix Google Buzz’s problems. In fact Google has established some sort of a “war room” at the Google HQ where Google engineers and product managers are brainstorming on what changes they need to make with Buzz.

So, expect more changes and tweaks to Google Buzz in the days to come folks. Or have you stopped using it?

Arnold Zafra
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  • Tatiana_London

    We can consider the possibility that this has been done on purpose, and I do mean that Google possibly sent Google Buzz out for a total kill on purpose, how better to get on a right side of social then to admit your mistake and then listen to us pointing ‘mistakes’ and act all concerned and apologetic! if Google Buzz was good but not great but correct – without current buzz kills, it would have never generated so much publicity.
    Old school PR trick, historically best done by Coke with new formula campaign, look it up on wiki.

    • SEO Melbourne

      I agree. Easy PR trick that are very effective.