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Google Answers Some Buzz Kills that We Buzzed Out

The Google Buzz folks must have heard or read  all the noise about  Buzz kills that they are now answering some of these.  So Google announced three tweaks that it hopes to address some of the major concerns of the millions of Gmail users who jumped into the buzz hype.


First of these tweaks is about auto-following. So instead of making you automatically follow people in your Gmail contacts, Google will instead give you a chance to select only those you want to follow. But this is true only for first time “buzzers.’

For the rest of us who are using buzz right now and have automatically followed all our Gmail contacts, Google will be back-rolling this feature to give us a second chance to review and unfollow people that we are already following.

Then Google is also cutting the Picasa Web Albums and Google Reader connection to Google Buzz.  This is one of the buzz kills I mentioned in my previous post. It’s a good thing that Google is responding to this concern as I don’t want to clutter up my already cluttered Google Reader account with feeds from blogs that I did not subscribe to.

Finally, Google has also added a Buzz tab to Gmail Setting. This means you cannow hide Buzz from Gmail or disable it completely.

So there. Some more tweaks that you want Google to do with Google Buzz?


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Google Answers Some Buzz Kills that We Buzzed Out

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