Google Adds Site Traffic Analytics to Google Trends

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Google’s search trends analytics – Google Trends has just added a new feature called Google Trends for Website. If Google trends measures and displays statistics for search keywords in Google whether by specific time frame or even search trends as hot as today (hot trends), Google Trends for website displays traffic for a particular website over a specified time frame.

Google Trends for Website gives traffic statistics similar to Compete, Alexa and comScore. It shows the number of unique view in a simple graphical representation and lets you speficify several websites and Google Trends will display a comparative chart of the unique views of these websites.

Aside from this, Google Trends also shows some additional data which SEM practitioners might find useful. These are the regional statistics which shows a site traffic per region; “also visited”which shows other sites that users visited related to your site; and “also search for” which shows other search terms users used that directs them to your site.

Overall, Google Trends for Website is a pretty simple and yet useful tool. But keep in mind that not all web sites would have their data available when they search for it in Google Trends for Website. Google has a pre-determined volume of traffic that a site should have before it can show relevant site traffic information.

Interestingly, you can’t see the site traffic of YouTube and other Google properties here. But here’s an interesting comparison of site traffic as given by Google Trends for Website for myspace and facebook for May 2008.


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  • Paul Simister

    In some ways this will just be a more representative version of what we are seeing on Alexa but there are some worrying trends here about dishing out sensitive information.

    If Google have hidden YouTube it is clear that they are aware of the issue so what are we to think

    One rule for Google, another for the rest of us?

  • PR NY

    The only problem with tis service is that a site has to be getting a very high amount of traffic to appear in the results.

    Compete is not so extreme.

    So only popular sites can take advantage of the Trends features for now

  • Gautamm Mehra

    Its a great service. In fact, if you look at it statistically google has a much larger data population, more dynamic, distributed and makes an ideal data sample to analyze on.

    With added segmentation of regionwise and a hint into the TA’s mind, it turns into a powerful tool for anybody marketing online.

  • Suresh

    This tool is good enough, but if we check some sites owned by Google


    We could not get any thing about these sites. Google hide its own information but shows others.

    How’s that tool.