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Google Adds Google News Alerts


In a move that adds more interactivity to the Google News interface, Google has expanded into email marketing with Google News Alerts. According to Google, the news alerts “are sent by email when news articles appear online that match the topics you specify.”

Users can enter any search term into the Google News Alerts system and have the choice of receiving email updates as the news happens, or via a daily summary. News alerts can be used as much more than following stories on your favorite baseball team or political candidate.

For example, the alerts can be used as a free online press clipping service, monitoring the multiple news services that Google indexes for your business or a client. However, there is a limit of 50 News Alerts per email address.

Other ways to take advantage of the Google News Alerts are:

* Competitive Intelligence – Is your competition getting good press play? If so where? And with which journalists?

* Industry Studies and Statistics- If you are a search engine marketer, keeping up on published studies and findings is imperative to your field.

* Industry Happenings- What’s making the news in your business industry that you should be aware of.

Along with Google Groups, AdWords, and Google AdSense; the Google News experience has taken Google one step closer to fortifying itself as a leading online entity- rivaling Yahoo and MSN with its reach, services, and now community of registered users.

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Google Adds Google News Alerts

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