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Google Adds “Editors’ Picks” to News

Featured picks on Google News

Google has added an extra layer of human vetting to their Google News site. A feature on the right-hand column will now display articles that were specifically picked by the editors of major publications. News sites can apply to have their editor-selected articles included in this new page element.

The Editors’ Picks Feature

This feature began as an experiment last year, and since that time Google has grown its network of publishers using this feature to just over two dozen. Those publishers each select some of their best, most interesting content. The content is featured in the right column of Google News, but is only shown to people who have related interests. (Users can, however, browser through the full list of Editors’ Picks.)

Featured picks on Google News

News organizations involved include The Wall Street Journal, The Root, the Guardian, and ProPublica. Several local news groups have also gotten on board with the feature.

Applying for the Editors’ Pick Feature

If you’re working for a news group yourself, you can apply for inclusion. First, however, be aware of some guidelines:

  • You can link to whatever sort of content (a graphic, for instance) you’d like, but it must be news.
  • You have to create a specific RSS feed that links to your picks. The feed must also include your logo image.
  • You should update your feed with at least one new item every 48 hours. If you don’t, your feed will be made invisible until you update it.
  • Each article requires an author name or generic byline.
  • The RSS feed must have at least three articles.
  • All headlines should be kept shorter than 75 characters.

Once you have your feed ready, you can use the News contact form to submit it for consideration.

[Sources include: The Google News blog]

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Google Adds “Editors’ Picks” to News

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