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Google Adds Carousel of Quora ‘Top Answers’ to Search Results

Google is testing a new type of carousel in search results featuring top answers from Q&A site Quora.

This appears to be the expansion of a feature introduced last December when Google added a similar carousel with answers from Stack Overflow.

A few individuals have reported seeing this new feature, although I have not been able to replicate it myself. All signs indicate it’s just a test at this point.

Those who have reported seeing this feature have been able to replicate it on both mobile and desktop.

This is an intriguing new feature with many potential use cases if Google were to roll it out to more sites. I could see the ‘top answer’ carousel being a good fit for product sites like Amazon, travel sites like Trip Advisor, medical advice sites, legal advice sites, and so on.

Best of all, for publishers, the snippets in the carousel are just long enough to hook searchers without revealing answers in there entirety.

In other words, this type of carousel many encourage more clicks, instead of the searcher getting all the information they need from the SERPs.

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Google Adds Carousel of Quora ‘Top Answers’ to Search Results

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