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Google Adding Email and Inbox Advertising?

Google, the Internet search engine and search advertising giant, is rumored to be currently working on an email advertising delivery system which would publish its Google AdWords/AdSense contextual advertising into inboxes of email users. Such a service could dramatically extend the reach of Google’s search keyword and content targeted advertising solutions.

According to a Reuters wire, sources familiar with Google labs have reported that Google is working on an email advertising service which would rival the on-portal email advertising of search portals Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN. E-mail, being the Web’s most-used tool, would expand the already massive Google “sponsored links” advertising market, targeted text ads which are associated with search keywords or page content. With Yahoo reported planning on dropping Google search results for its own Inktomi search engine, Google may be getting more and more worried about developing a sound customer base and online community- as opposed to soley offering search.

Google has reportedly acquired various email related technologies and is perhaps looking to expand the current Google “portal-esque” offerings of Google News, Google Groups, Google’s AdWords Advertising Network and Froogle- Google’s shopping search engine. With an IPO scheduled for this year, such a move would make perfect sense to draw in more potential Google investors.

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Google Adding Email and Inbox Advertising?

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