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Google Ad Placements for AdSense

Google AdSense is giving publishers the option of assigning and labeling certain AdSense placements within their site as primary real estate for Google AdWords advertisers who wish to advertise within specific placements on specific publisher sites.

With Google Ad Placement, publishers create and serve custom channels which can be made to be visible to advertisers via Google Ad Placement.

Advertisers who are searching Google for specific sites to advertise on can then see your site’s info, description and your Ad Placement channels; pinpointing the exact placement and creative where their ad will be served.

Google Adsense sent this message out to AdSense publishers:


We’re excited to let you know that your account is one of a select few for which we’ve enabled a new feature called ad placements. Ad placements are groups of ad units that you can define and highlight to advertisers. Creating an ad placement is as easy as creating a custom channel, and ad placements will help you generate more revenue by increasing the visibility of your ad spaces to advertisers.

To help you learn more and take advantage of this new feature, we’d like to invite you to an AdSense webinar where members of the AdSense and AdWords Product Management Team will walk you through ad placements as well as provide you with valuable insight into what advertisers want to see from publishers. We’ll also leave time for the team to answer any questions you may have on these topics.

– – – – –

Please note that space is limited and registration will taken on a first-come basis. Participation is by invitation only, so we ask that you please keep the registration details to yourself. We’ll be recording the webinar, so if you’re unable to attend, you can view it after the event.

We look forward to having you join us!


The Google AdSense Team

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Google Ad Placements for AdSense

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