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Google Ad for “MySpace Advertising” Shows Facebook Ads Results

Nothing fancy here really. Just a little observation which I find rather amusing. While I was trying to Google the keywords – “myspace advertising”, I clicked on the first search result which is a sponsored link with a heading “myspace advertising”. I didn’t notice the url first, so I was wondering how come the results brought me to the Facebook Advertising page? I checked again, and that’s when I noticed the the URL was actually pointing to Facebook advertising but with the heading “myspace advertising”.


Is it just me or is this rather not normal? If this is something usual for you, then disregard this post. But if you find it rather amusing like me, can someone explain why is this so? Is this part of SEO work? Are there other competiting websites which use this kind of trick?

I have to admit that it was pretty useful, since if you’re like me who is not attentive to details, you would have clicked the link right away.

I wonder how many more fell to that “trap”? If Facebook is paying Google Ads on a CPC, that would that would have mean a big cost to Facebook already.

Anyway, if it was deliberate, I would have to say it was pretty clever indeed.

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Google Ad for “MySpace Advertising” Shows Facebook Ads Results

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