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Google Acquiring AdScape? Video Game Advertising Firm

Google is in talks over the acquisition of AdScape Media reports Steve Bryant eWeek’s Google Watch.

AdScape Media specializes in performance based video game advertising mixed with sponsored listings in its cell phone and txt messages their gaming systems send to layers who have achieved specific goals in the games.

Via ClickZ’s In-Game Ad Space Evolves with Performance-based Ads :

The ad unit is based on a “Real World, Virtual World Gateway” which has been in development for four years. Marketing engagement happens when a player completes a trick or a level where an advertisement was placed. Through an opt-in program, Adscape will send an e-mail or SMS to congratulate the gamer, and likely offer a brand message or product coupon. Gamers don’t necessarily have to click on or interact with an ad to get the messaging.

“[Advertisers] are now getting a,,, per action [measurement] versus just an impression,” said Eva Woo, VP of marketing at AdScape Media. “You can really capture your audience and reach them in a different manner than posting billboard ads in the game.”

Adscape will put opt-in messaging within the game registration, or before or after entering a level. It gives advertisers the opportunity to sponsor an entire level, or a particular game in the case of sports games.

With more and more consoles going online, the sky should be the limit if they become part of the Google family.

If Google moves into the video game advertising market expect them to put together a video games version of their current AdWords text & display advertising system based upon user profiling, product placement in the games, search history and possibly even video viewing or television viewing history if Google successfully also expands into TV & other forms of entertainment media.

Is there money in video game advertising? According to Mr. Bryant there sure is as Microsoft is scoring big revenue with its in game advertising:

Last year Microsoft purchased in-game advertising firm Massive for about $200 million. Microsoft’s internal estimates place the in-game ad market at about $1 billion by 2010. The CEO of Massive said last year the figure was more like $1.6 billion. The Yankee Group thinks it’s more like $732 million by 2010.

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Google Acquiring AdScape? Video Game Advertising Firm

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