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Google Acquires Startup Agnilux

Hot on the heels of the buzz created by Gizmodo’s “discovery” of the iPhone 4G prototype is the report that Google just acquired the startup – Agnilux. Agnilux happens to be composed of  former chip developers who left P.A. Semis when it was acquired by Apple. Other than that information, nothing else is known about Agnilux. The startup remains to be a mysterious small company.

Agnilux was also reported to have had previous talks with other companies aside from Google, including Cisco, Microsoft and Texas Instruments. As to what Agnilux is currently on to, New York Times reported that the startup is currently  building a server.  If this server is the reason why Google acquired Agnilux or for some other reason, only Agnilux and Google know for sure.

What is confirmed for now, through a Google spokesman is the fact that indeed Google acquired the company.

So, any guesses on what Google is going to do with Agnilux?

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Google Acquires Startup Agnilux

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